Body Massage

Classic Massage
60 min / € 60

If you want a powerful but relaxing massage with medium to strong pressure, this is ideal for you. We work with different techniques to reach the deeper layers of your muscles and relax them. This way even chronic muscle tension can be remedied and muscles that have been severely overburdened by work or sport can be balanced.

Aroma Serenity Massage
60 min / € 60  -  90 min / € 90

Signature Massage
This whole body massage is the right one for you if you want slight pressure and out-strokes in combination with an aromatic experience. You choose the natural scent that appeals to you and allow yourself to be guided by the aromas and the gentle massages into a state of deep relaxation.

Nuat Thai Massage
60 min / € 60  -  90 min / € 90

This massage is unique among massage therapies in combining both physical and energetic aspects. It is a deep, full-body massage progressing from the feet up, and focusing on energy lines throughout the body, to clear blockages and thus stimulate the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body. You will feel both relaxed and energized.

Healing Stone Massage
60 min / € 65  -  90 min / € 95

A wonderful whole-body massage with warm oil and hot lava stones. The use of the heated stones penetrates deep into the tissues, relaxes deeper layers of tissue, stimulates the blood circulation and thus strengthens the effect of the manual massage techniques.

Herbal Infusion Massage
60 min / € 70  -  90 min / € 95

Immensely soothing, the combination of heated coconut oil and aromatic herbal scents stimulate a state of well being. The healing herbs are designed to detoxify, re-mineralize, de-stress and most of all deeply relax!

Foot Massage
45 min / € 45

Our feet carry us through life. With this foot massage you can say thank you to your feet in the most pleasant way. Via the body‘s nerve pathways, your whole body is balanced, assisted in its self-regulation and relaxed by this foot massage.

Anti Cellulite Massage
45 min / € 50

This massage technique is a series of specific movements with the purpose of slowing down or eliminating the fat layer. This kind of massage is performed in an alert rhythm and the movements are stronger than any other massage type.